Converting people into blockchain-users!

This platform generates tokens on a proof-of-PLAY basis.

Thus, we enable other projects to reach out to the public - far beyond the crypto-space - and market their products to non-crytpo users in a PLAY-ful manner.

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Relax! Donate to a charity to get tokens minded by others (reward).

For every token mined, a supplement coin is generated to sell.
Donate in order to participate in the token distribution.

Stop mining, start playing!


Play Go and mine your tokens on proof-of-PLAY basis. Generate one token every 20 seconds.


Gaming platform

We are building a glocal gaming platform.

Host your own games using the PLAY token to pay for hosting.

Support Privacy

For every token mined, another one is generated and meant for rewards.

100% of the collected funds will be donated to reputable organisations fighting for privacy.

Blockchain to the people

Help us to create awareness for blockchain technology and bring it to a wider audience - or use the platform to share tokens with a non-crypto audience.

All screen sizes

Play "Go" on a public facade

and mine your tokens on a proof-of-play basis.


Project Roadmap

Jan 2017: Idea & Concept

February 2017

Team formation & start of software development

August 2017

Product completed

Sept 25th - 27th

Donate for tokens (Reward)

October 2017

PLAY gets listed on exchange; Start of trading.

Oct 29th - Nov 15th

Donation phase - claim the last PLAY tokens

Q4 2017 - Q1 2018

Further prototypes as PoC for onboarding mechanism of non-crypto users.

Q2 2018

Ideal onboarding pocedure for non-crpyto users and first tests of a platform where PLAY [PLY] is used as a payment form for an onboarding service.

Q4 2018

Expand platform and introduce novel strategies to promote blockchain-based projects to a wider audience.

What the money is for...

The Team

The lab10 collective is an incubator focusing on blockchain.
Our 21 passionate members work on various projects related to decentralisation, privacy and education.

We share the vision: "We want to support the transition to a free, educated and fair society".

Software Development
Marketing & Business Development
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