Donate to non-profit organisations fighting for privacyand secure your stake in PLAY [PLY] tokens.

You believe the internet lacks privacy?
We too, therefore we support initiatives fighting for it and collect donations via the blockchain.

  • Contribute the crypto currency (Eth)
  • 100% of funds for epicenter.works  and the new organisation founded by Max Schrems
  • Fully transparent on the blockchain.
  • Get tokens for your donation.

The donation phase is still running for:

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds


You can check the ethereum smart contract in detail via this link

Follow the steps below to claim your stake in PLAY [PLY] tokensand donate to non-profit oranizations fighting for privacy.

1. Prepare

Make sure to have an ERC20 compatible wallet and the amount preloaded.

2. Verify

You can find the official P4P contract address on this page - make sure to verify it with the other sources.

3. Donate

Transfer the Ether [ETH]. This will determine your stake in PLAY [PLY] tokens.

4. Receive

After the donation-phase your stake in PLAY will be determined and transferred to your wallet.

Please donate only Ether [ETH] to the following donation contract.


Make sure you only use the contract address on this page to donate, check for the https:// certificate on this website and use an ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 tokens (Myetherwallet, Mist, Metamask). DO NOT send funds directly from your cryptocurrency exchange account or you will lose your tokens.